Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The First Stab

Hopefully won't cut too hard. So, after several years of contemplating my own business, it's finally coming to fruition. Scary? Hell, yeah. But also exciting and liberating. I was laid off last summer from an online marketing agency, where I immersed myself in all things social media for our clients—a newer, fresher and different focus than my prior 13 years of traditional marketing and PR experience.

After months of job searching, interviewing, and even declining offers, I sit here planning my solo social media career. Fortunately (and unfortunately) I am not the only one doing this...particularly here in the Detroit area. With the Big Three downsizing every day, my unemployed marketing competition is huge--not just internal communications employees, but several small and big agency employees are being let go who were supporting the automakers in this area.

Oh, and by definition I am not solo. "We" are solo. My partner is the IT brains behind the company (who’s
building killer web apps to help social media implementation more efficient and simple). More to come soon!

In a nutshell, this blog will be the diary of our solo adventure.
Outlining the agenda, the business plan, the niche, potential clients and more importantly the successes and failures--there will no doubt be some of both. I hope it informs others of the tremendous possibilities that exist for small or solo businesses.

So, it makes perfect sense to introduce my business consultants and resources that got me here and will continue to guide me (and they don't even know it)! I am fortunate to have found bright and inspiring people both locally and worldwide in the social media space via blogs, Twitter,
Facebook, etc. There are a plethora of social media rock stars (this will be the last time I use this description because as it supposedly implies coolness, it only makes me cringe). The following people have indirectly led me to where I am now. I strongly suggest anyone who is starting out on their own (or not) to follow, listen and engage with these social media pioneers. I know I'm missing many other great minds, but for starters read these blogs and follow the writers on Twitter:

Two of my favorite local Social Media celebrities successfully representing Motown and

And finally a new blog that I think has much potential to guide us PR solo explorers

I'd LOVE to hear from anyone like me who is starting a digital communications business...even if you are or will be a future competitor...networking and the sharing of ideas are invaluable in this space. Hey, at this point, I'd love to hear from anyone period!

Coming soon:

  • The Midwest Social Media Group business plan
  • The pros and cons of starting your own business
  • Twitterer of the Week
  • Band (or song of the week)

I think the first stab @ this already feels good.