Friday, March 4, 2011

“Heading to the Gym”: Dislike

I know a lot of people who do this: friends, family and even well-respected social media professionals. So, this will not sit comfortably with many of you. Regardless, this is for you:

Why do I give a crap that you are at the gym? That you just did 30 squats and 40 minutes of cardio? That you only consumed 1,000 calories today? I started seeing these daily workout and diet stats on Twitter a couple of years ago. Two years later the app businesses are thriving from all of you with hundreds of fitness apps that now appear regularly on FB too. COME ON! Ask yourself exactly what it is that made you think all of the world cares that you are at the gym spinning. What comments or feelings were you hoping to derive from your network? Is it a cry for a mate? I’m not single, and even if I was, I’d be sure to label you as an either arrogant or extremely desperate schmuck.

Okay, okay, I realize you might tell me you do it for different reasons than I'm debating. It could have nothing to do with the fact you're attention-starved announcing to all your Facebook friends how fit, determined and motivated you are.

Yes, there are a few valid benefits to fitness apps. Some people use them as an online motivational support system to complement or even replace personal training sessions. Or maybe it’s just the location awareness and you're hoping someone who saw your Foursquare post is at the same gym to erotically spot you during weight training. This sits better with me because there's a real purpose other than just bragging to me, and you might even go home lucky!

Perhaps you need more inspiration, motivation, or maybe just the Stuart Smalley feeling of being doggone liked. Well, there are other methods in the real world to endure these feelings without spamming my social world. Let’s see…real-life friends (those are the ones you can see and touch *in person*), therapy, family, antidepressants…all come to mind.

There’s an obvious wealth of benefits to fitness and exercise in general, that point is moot. I just don’t need to hear about yours! I’m not the only one here who feels you are annoying and even fitness types find you obnoxious. Why, there are even FB pages dedicated to the aversion of you.

Some of you may ask me why this should bother me as much as it does. Maybe I’m the one with insecurity issues. Okay, so you have a small point. I could have just read your “6-mile run and 1-hour weight resistance…GO ME!” tweet while I was snug on my couch after eating a big spaghetti meal. I may have felt a bit lethargic, full and even sloth-like. And then I see your tweet and feel slightly stagnant, slightly unmotivated, and overly bloated. Well, worry not, I will not bore you with my ‘call out for attention’ stat…I’ll just have some more spaghetti.

Photo from DeSales University

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  1. A topic I can totally relate to. Gym-heads piss me off. Probably because I am just jealous deep down that someone else is working out while I butter another piece of bread.

    That being said, I like you, really could give a shit how many squats Jo Jo completed or which gym Joe checked into a few hours ago. It is kind of like giving to a charity. Good for you if you do it, but the polite thing to do is keep it to yourself instead of bragging about it.